World Fairs - Ensure Your Conference banners and displays are portable and can be set up in minutes

Telescopic or retractable banners are very popular in the UK as exhibition banners or retail banner displays. They 'pop-up' in just 30 seconds giving your business  a large advertising  display for a small outlay, banners start at only £50 and can be printed and delivered within three days. They provide the flexibility to be easily moved and the frames are made of aluminium.

Displays fold away making them easy to store until needed the pull up display around your premises.  Going to an exhibition? Everything from ipad stands to complete pop up stands with background displays, podiums and display tables are available for less than you think. Digital printing has reduced lead times and forced down prices. Click here for a list of UK Exhibitions. On Google, we found a company offering:

  • Square profile frame – Lifetime guarantee
  • Deluxe case  and  Beech counter top
  • Case graphic wrap  with  Lighting kit
  • 1400 dpi graphics - Over-laminated graphics – Scuff and kink resistant graphics
  • Fully magnetic
  • For £775.00